Mfrs. of Institutional Furnitures
Mfrs. of Modular Furnitures


Chakra with its state of the art infrastructure is capable of manufacturing and delivering custom built Institutional and Modular furniture (commercial/residential) with the customer focused approach with the required design and space specifications of the end user. With the advantage of skilled manpower, modern machineries and uninterrupted power supply allows us to plan and deliver the results.

Chakra follows the work model where we


Chakra can Chakra deliver the products viz,

  • Institutional (Classroom, Laboratory, Library & Hostel)
  • Modular furniture (Commercial & Residential)
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Wardroom & Storages
    • Living Room
  • Manufacturers of custom-built laboratory furniture for various academic laboratory esp. electrical & electronics, physics, chemistry, biology laboratories
  • Kitchen appliances & solutions targeted towards large scale kitchens, hotels, fast food chains & catering institutions
  • Designer and Manufacturers of Custom built
    • Kids School furniture
    • Devised an animal cage that suits the needs of domestic animals like rabbit, which is used for experimentation in zoological lab.
  • Innovative & creative steels related products


  • Manufacturers of hand rails
  • Manufacturers of auto carrier steel spares / parts
  • Stainless steel truss fabrication
  • Artificial Houses i.e. Fiber houses, specially designed to suite the purpose in hill station